Killzone 3 (KZ3) – Beyond Just an Action and Adventure Game for PS3

Beyond the action and adventure game, Killzone 3 is a piece of beautiful art, gripping storyline, mature production and full of hard emotions. This game will allow you and your co-operative game player to play in a split screen. Split-Screen feature allows two players to play Killzone 3 campaign offline. Its Multiplayer feature in the KZ3 supports three modes: Warzone, Guerilla Warfare, and Operations. This action game is as dynamic with brutal characters and explosive as the last game Killzone 2.

It is going to the give real pleasure to all true gamers around the globe with moments of genuine surprise in the game. This time Killzone 3 is in color mode but there are certainly the places where colors are presented in so much industrialized way which is quite good and need of the game. Story of the game is deep serious and violent so according to that, visuals are very impressive and colors are although not that much dominating and giving support to the game theme and approach in entire story. Game has exceptional story telling along with brilliant voice act for characters to tell the story in unique and most accurate way to make it more live and real.

Killzone 3 is the best PS3 game, not perfect, but smart enough game to keep you busy until its completion. Keeping the game suspense as it is and not spoiling the fun of the story will briefly introduce some new updates of PS3 console game Killzone 3. The plot begins in the game right after the death of Visari, but the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance’s (ISA’s) is facing crucial stage with declining army which is reduced to mere handfuls of surviving soldiers. Captain Narville and his gang of courageous heroes struggle to grab so much as a foothold as the Helghan Territorial Army notches up the resistance of its planet.

Killzone 3 trailers reveals the entry of three new characters: Jammer she is an ISA member, Admiral Orlock and Jorhan Stahl are the hopeful heirs to the Visari’s empire. This PlayStation 3 home console Game has everything, but wow factor which was uniquely present in Killzone 2 is lacking somewhere. Guerrilla game developers have done the great job in making this game one of the best for PS3. Apart from few cons KZ3 is truly first-person shooter game which is graphically stunning, brutal in battle field and harsh in emotions.

Text Adventure Games: The Fun of Being Free

Non-RPG gamers need to face the facts; MMORPGs have taken over the world. They are big, they are immersive and they are drawing even the most unlikely people into their bright virtual universes. The figures are even more astonishing. U.S. gamers spent roughly $3.8 billion on massively multiplayer online games in 2009. The average paying MMO player – that’s 46% of gamers – parted with $15.10 per month to pick up their sword or throw on their armor. But what about the other 54%? Well, 25 million of us stuck to our free online games.

This seems like an alien thought to people who are willing to sacrifice their pay packet in their real lives to reap the rewards in their virtual ones. You can’t blame them, really. The top companies in the games industry are now household names because of the well-known MMORPGs they have created. A good money-making model has been showcased, and now it seems like every group of budding graphic designers with an internet connection between them is trying to push out the latest online adventure game. It’s good to know that the majority of us still understand that good things can come in… well… free packages. And a very strong contender from yesteryear is back in the race for the top spot; the online text game.

You may or may not know that online text games (text based RPG games in which the virtual reality is dictated to you in words rather than pictures) had a starring role in starting the online gaming scene. In 1975 computer enthusiasts started throwing together little text based games where your imagination could run wild. The idea of pay-to-play never entered their heads; they simply wanted to share an interactive world they had lovingly constructed with like minded enthusiasts. Text based RPG games (commonly known as MUDs) only grew bigger and better from there, the size of the universes expanding every day and the boundaries to what you can achieve stretching beyond sight. And now there are hundreds of text based games out there, the vast majority of them completely free, and many of them attracting surprisingly big crowds.

That ethos of sharing and creating never left the online text games scene. Each text based RPG game is like a huge book that changes with every action its players make. Together, the players will create a story. And it’s the absence of strict subscriptions, pricey add-ons and compulsory expenditures that spurs online text games onwards – players can come and go as they choose, dedicate as much as they like to the cause and the spirit remains about the experience rather than investing money. The text based games worlds continue with or without the players, evolving and existing indefinitely, just as they would if you could physically reach out and touch them. It’s this realism and depth that has kept players coming back to these text adventure games for more for decades.

This is not to say that pay-to-play games do not have their advantages, of course. Millions of dollars are invested into better graphics, new expansions and improved features every year – none of this could happen without the cash from your pocket. So, perhaps you do get more out of a game if you offer up your pay-packet? That is where commercial text based RPG games companies like Iron Realms Entertainment come in, and they have the winning concoction. The real moral behind online text games is choice, and Iron Realms Entertainment understands this. A virtual text adventure games world should be free and open, allowing you to step in and step out whenever you want – just like wandering down to your local park. After all, the possibilities of what you can be and do in a text based RPG game are almost limitless, and you can’t put a price tag on freedom. And if you are playing text adventure games for its freedom, it wouldn’t make sense to be forced to shovel your hard earned cash into it, would it? But if you do want to support the game, perhaps gain a little boost or a unique item, Iron Realms Entertainment gives you this option. Your experience is completely in your hands.

As long as there are big graphical games out there sending people bills, there will always be text adventure games offering the opposite. If you fancy ditching the subscriptions, you are slightly behind on real-life bills or you just want to try something new – hop over to a good MUD and see for yourself the difference that the word ‘free’ can make.

Play Online Adventure Games – An Unrestrained Entertainment



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